Why Choose Us

We are talented,experienced and trustable ...


We have more than 20 years of experience developing world class data management applications for many clients: gaming, retail, etc.


We test our code with Jest and Cypress, documentation, Continuous Integration. We use modern technology such as react, redux, typescript.


We are a New Zealand company based in Wellington. We have the right HR process in place to protect our customer data and intellectual property.

Good investment

Having such as experience team warranties result and agility in deliverables at optimal cost and great return on investment.

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Watch our portfolio in action

The proof is on the pudding. Here are some examples of the work we have done for our clients.

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Some of our latest work

Modern TechnologiesWe work with

Quality Assurance

We use jest in combination with cypress to ensure that our code is bug free. All our work is well documented.

UX and Design

Our usability experts visually inspect your product’s interface for usability issues and areas for improvement.


Modern Technologies

We use the latest UI technology such React, Redux, Kotlin, Spring boot, Golang, immutable, SVG, D3, Mapbox, ThreeJs and Typescript.

Advanced Algorithm

To deliver the best experience we use technique such as virtual rendering, spatial index, quad trees, transformation matrix, etc..

Try Kubernetes Studio

Test our Latest app. It is called K8 Studio and is a cross-platform IDE to manage Kubernetes Clusters visually.

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K8 Studio