Wellington Public Transport

We are currently working on better ways to display public transport with real-time data. One of the main problems is that the data reception has massive delays and GPS coordinates are not precise enough. To find out where the different buses are, we are using a combination of geospatial function and machine learning.

K8 Studio

A cross platform IDE to manage Kubernetes clusters. Deploy easily to EKS, GKE, AKS, IBM Cloud or your own bare metal. Connect to your cluster and have a graphical representation of your nodes, pods, services, etc. Access logs, element descriptions and bash terminal with a single click.

Covid 19 Dashboard

This dashboard shows the cases of COVID-19 in the USA. The map shows the case by county colored by the density. The density is calculated by dividing the number of cases by the population of the county. Population data comes from the official census data and the COVID-19 data comes from Johns Hopkins University. The application also contains a diversity of statistics based on historical data.

Phone App Creator

This application is a complete editor capable of creating mobile phone applications visually. The user can create workflows and their logic, as well as defining the components that compose the different views. Once the application has been defined, it can be deployed to a dynamic application player.

Try Kubernetes Studio

Test our Latest app. It is called K8 Studio and is a cross-platform IDE to manage Kubernetes Clusters visually.

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K8 Studio