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About us

New Zelanders, Multicultural, Agile, Creative.

The Company

UxxU Ltd was founded in November 2018 by Guillermo QUIROS. It is a New Zealand company based in Wellington. Our product K8s Studio is being created by highly experienced and passionate engineers to provide Kubernetes users with a tool that is intuitive, easy to use and with great User Experience. Feedbacks from the Community showed that the experience with Kubernetes could be complex, time consuming, prone to errors and difficult to use by all audiences.

We have been supported in this journey by the Kubernetes Community and received lots of positive feedbacks. We have also been invited to KubeCologne Conference and to a Worldwide Meetup both in February 2019 to present our IDE to a larger audience. Uxxu’s approach using the expertise of our Data visualisation engineers makes K8s Studio revolutionary and suitable for all level of Kubernetes users.

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